Tamraparni Dasu | Françoise repays our loan, helps fund others
Tamraparni Dasu is an Indian American writer and published author. Her new book, Spy Interrupted, The Waiting Wife, was just released. It is the first in a trilogy.
Tamraparni Dasu, writer, author, published, Spy Interrupted, The Waiting Wife, India,
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Françoise repays our loan, helps fund others

Françoise repays our loan, helps fund others



Back in March 2015,  we made a loan through Kiva to Francoise of Rwanda to support her farm. Congratulations to Francoise! She paid back the loan. We are happy to use that payment to make four more loans–to cover tuition fees for a young man in Paraguay, and to three women (Tajikistan, Lebanon, Lebanon) looking to pay the cost of educating their young children.

Check out Kiva, the non-profit that enables micro-loans through microfinancing organizations.


  • Magdalena

    January 1, 2016 at 8:05 AM Reply

    Kiva does such a wonderful job at connecting people! So lovely to know that you are part of this also!

    • tamraparni dasu

      January 1, 2016 at 9:45 AM Reply

      Yes! I am very impressed by the work they do, Magda. Sometimes it takes so little to make a big difference 🙂

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