Tamraparni Dasu | Giving
Tamraparni Dasu is an Indian American writer and published author. Her new book, Spy Interrupted, The Waiting Wife, was just released. It is the first in a trilogy.
Tamraparni Dasu, writer, author, published, Spy Interrupted, The Waiting Wife, India,
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We are donating royalties from this debut novel to various charities. We have listed some of them below. Please click on the story heading to  read about the individual stories.  If you know of a deserving charity, please bring it to our attention by Contacting Us or posting comments on the Blog.

Empowering through microfunds

Francoise’s story

Francoise is a farmer and she has been growing rice for 17 years. With the loan from Kiva, she would like to pay her workers. The profits from the business will be used to pay school fees of her children and improve her family’s welfare.

International Rescue Committee
From Harm to Home

Protecting and empowering  women and girls

The IRC ensures survivors of sexual violence have medical care, counseling and legal aid. They launch campaigns to change behaviors and stop violence, and  help girls gain knowledge, skills and confidence and increase women’s economic and decision-making power.


Coming soon.